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What is the rake in bet?

Even a long-time player may ignore some very useful terms of online betting. One of them is “rake”. It is how the huge profits of sportsbooks, internet casinos and poker occur, although there is a difference among the different type of gambling. The role of rake in betting does not seems important for the player in first place, because it basically he pays attention to what he is playing and not that he can be left exposed to high rake. But whoever ignores the rake, come out looser in the end


Strategy in online betting

There are some basic strategy tips in online betting that should be followed, so that we won’t have to face unpleasant situations and to get even closer to successful bet. Let’s have a look:

(1) Firstly, with regard to the amount we are online betting, we should do it inside the limits of our economic statue and even better money we might have left over. We do not use vital funds and we should not borrow money, because it is more possible to end up anxious about how we will refund our borrower. It is the primary rule, which will prevent us from unpleasant situations, stress and much more.


Live Streaming and how useful it is

Watching football matches via live streaming is the best way for having a clear view of football teams and know how they perform. Being in a stadium and watching live games is the most desired for every football fan. But we cannot be simultaneously in several matches.

Now, technology can provide this option. Possessing a computer and with basic knowledge of internet are more than enough to “travel” in various stadiums and watch whichever game interests you, in different sports as well. Others do that in order to have fun and some others for online gambling.



The technology is evolving rapidly and this has an impact in betting. One of the favorite habits of the players around the world is Live Betting and not unjustly. Monitoring an event and the opportunity of simultaneous betting raises the adrenaline and makes the game more exciting

Of course everything in life and in particular in betting, apart from the positive parameters it has negative too. Yes, it is exciting for everyone to bet "live" and has more options available, but there is a possibility to lose very easily money just in a second, only by a single click. The time pressure that it generates increase the error rate and this must be minimized as much as possible.


What is the “Asian handicap”?

Handicap is very widespread in betting. Let’s analyse all the available options of handicap that we usually find in different sportsbooks:


Handicap +2: If the team that we have chosen wins or draws or loses by a goal difference, we have won. If our team lost by two goals difference then the original wager is returned to us.


Handicap -2: If the team that we have chosen wins by three or more goals difference then we take the whole amount. If it won by two goals the original wager is returned to us.