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What is the rake in bet?

Even a long-time player may ignore some very useful terms of online betting. One of them is “rake”. It is how the huge profits of sportsbooks, internet casinos and poker occur, although there is a difference among the different type of gambling. The role of rake in betting does not seems important for the player in first place, because it basically he pays attention to what he is playing and not that he can be left exposed to high rake. But whoever ignores the rake, come out looser in the end

How is rake being calculated?

Let us take, for example, a game in which the odds are 2.65 for the home team, 3.05 for draw and 2.25 for the visitors. We divide each of the above values with the value 3.00. The numbers occur are 1.13 (to the division of home team odd with 3.00), 0.98 for draw and 1.33 for the visitors. Then we add these three numbers (1.13+0.98+1.33) and divide the sum (3.44 in this case) with 3. Those who have made the effort and got it in the calculator will get the number 1.146 on the screen. We bring the decimal point two numbers to the right and find the rake which in the above game reaches 14.6 %. This 14.6 % is the net profit of bookmakers if one third of the players bet on home win, one third bet on draw and the other third be on visitors’ victory.

Be that as it may, the rake is justified in certain cases from the companies, but in some other it gets away for a company’s benefit. That is why everyone should have their eyes open and know what selections should for its own interest.

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