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The technology is evolving rapidly and this has an impact in betting. One of the favorite habits of the players around the world is Live Betting and not unjustly. Monitoring an event and the opportunity of simultaneous betting raises the adrenaline and makes the game more exciting

Of course everything in life and in particular in betting, apart from the positive parameters it has negative too. Yes, it is exciting for everyone to bet "live" and has more options available, but there is a possibility to lose very easily money just in a second, only by a single click. The time pressure that it generates increase the error rate and this must be minimized as much as possible.

The understanding of basic things can bring us the desired profit and is acquired by experience and of course by luck, which are of paramount importance in such games. The risk in this way of betting is much higher, because the selections are made in seconds, without much thought in the most of the occasions. Sportsbooks vary continuously the odds to a "live" event in order to avoid beneficial terms of the players while playing, who in turn are in front of their computer and they are ready to snatch any opportunity.

Good observation of an event or a match, ensure that will bring the best opportunities to bet with the best possible odds. The necessary process can be done of course even before the start of the game because we will be able to know how a team reacts, e.g. after the 60th minute.

Finally, it is no coincidence that the most companies want to attract customers, by using the temptation of a good Livebetting platform, as many of us believe that it is the ideal way to earn money. The first thought that must come into our minds is caution and prudence, which combined with the right method and experience, will provide the best desired results.

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