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So, you Want to be a Professional Gambler?

Here you are looking for some answers to that question, maybe you are one of those who believe and think that professional gamblers are like some kind of godlike players above the normal standards and so great that they can come and go to every casino with enough money to risk on their bankroll and then just leave the building with big amounts of cash large enough to buy a cool house, apartments, new car every time they want, and when they just need to refill their bankrolls, they just get back and repeat the process.


Well, the bad news is that the worlds of such professionals are quite different. Normally, people like us had the traditional job that takes about 8 to 12 hours of our precious day. Of course, there are some occasions when you may be forced to do overtime when need be or cover the night shift. Professional gamblers or poker players for example, normally play 4-5 days at casinos each week.

They may spend more time and it’s possible to find them sitting over a game for 12 hours or more. If they are not in a land-base casino, they're probably at home playing poker or gambling online. At first, this way of life could sound like the perfect profession, and probably if you are good enough and blessed by Lady Luck, you may be thinking on giving it a try. Before taking that adventurous road, you better consider some important factors so you don’t step on the path totally un-prepared.


First consider this: Taking Gambling as a profession means to leave a balanced life behind. It’s true that it can pay very well and that some sacrifices must be made to claim such rewards; but will take some hard work and patience to achieve such career. Say a couple of years or more before making gambling a good source of income. It’s a risk you must take on your life; but isn’t life a gamble after all?


Ok, you have chosen gambling as your preferred profession; know that you're going to work very hard and will receive very little in return. But take at the end you would have learn a lot. You will have knowledge about how to deal with losing streaks, a skill worth learning and useful. Your knowledge will increase from your gambling mistakes; all these while managing money, your hard earned money which is already very hard to keep.


So, here I’ll give some advise, may these tips help you to cross the new path you are about to walk. Learn these techniques and hold them true; carefully absorb them and you'll be on your way to a shinning career inside the gambling world. They will be useful with other types of gambling too, so don’t hesitate to give them a try on poker for example.


Patience is vital, you won’t get instant big profits; you may try playing a lottery game and pray to Lady Luck to be with you if you are so desperate. It will take some time and patience to build your betting stash, it may be slow, but definitely can solve that problem. You require a lot of time to master poker or other card game. If you want to feel instant gratification, this game can do it, but requires some study.


Establish a Betting Stash: in any form of gambling, establish a betting stash it’s very important, never bet random money and above all, don't use your savings or money saved for anything essential like the money for taxes. You'll never gain anything with that, if you lose that money, you may end losing more than that.


Managing your Bankroll: Make a list for all your bets; this is useful to monitor your previous loses and winnings. This is a good way to keep some control on the incomes and being informed of your current status as a gambler.

Vary your Gambling techniques; never use them in a repetitive manner, never use the same patterns, become un-readable; gambling it is never stable. It is always changing. Same for the techniques you will use. Vary your strategies for betting or playing. Always try different betting pockets in your games, and absorb all the information you got from monitoring your own status and those of your opponents.


Don't Drink and Gamble; that simple.

You can find lots of information on the internet; so educate yourself. Lurk on the gambling forums where some professional gamblers well and share their skills. But be sure to follow talented gamblers you don’t need to learn from idiots.


These few advices work on almost any type of gambling and also can work to bet at a sportsbook. The wrong idea of the lucky life a professional gambler has is no doubt, true. Gamblers, and professionals who took gambling as their careers, had to cross a difficult path first, gaining small profits but learning all they can on the way. As you can see, it’s not so different from a regular job, but definitely is more fun.


By: JazzSports.com

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