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New coaches’ appointments and betting tips

One of the unexplained phenomena in sport and thus on online gambling is the change of a team’s coach in relation to betting tips. Somehow, we like to bet on teams, in football or in basketball, that have recently hired a new coach.

As is well known, especially in the Greek market, the issue of the coach is a sensitive matter. It becomes the scapegoat for many presidents of football clubs, so we get in the process to support teams that have recently changed their head coach.

And as if by magic they are transformed to their best, at least in large proportion. How can this be explained this? Of course it lies on the players’ psychology. Those who play regularly they want to show their capabilities to the new coaching staff, while those who had not been involved in the team’s starting line-up in a regular basis they want to grab this opportunity and show to the new coach that he can count on them.

This leads to new data in the match and subsequently to the predictions given for this match and eventually we see that teams which changed their coach to perform much better than previously. Of course this does not continue forever. The good streak is more likely to stops, but until then we will be able to be benefited from this change.

It is a factor that is well noticed and taken under good consideration while we collect data. Almost every week there are such cases in different championships, and if the rest of the conditions can support further our decision then surely many of us would choose the team that have changed its coach before that match. Even the weakest team can be transformed into something more valuable and pull on other data on the field. Of course, there are exceptions. Anyhow it is a factor that will be estimated accordingly in the provided predictions and in our game as well. Coaches may see as a disaster to lose their jobs, but these cases are not rare. As far as it concerns our bet however, such cases can be only of positive affect.

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