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What is arbitrage betting?

The arbitrage betting is a term largely unknown many gamblers. It is a way to make money from online betting without care for the final result of the match.

“Arbitrage betting” is essentially the exploitation of the competition among sportsbook sites site trying to offer better rates to their customers. This difference in odds gives us the opportunity to gamble on every possible outcome of a single match in different betting sites and come out winners. It converts our betting to a business with zero risk and profits of 10% -30% of the initial capital per month.

Let's do it with numbers. We bet 1000 Euros and we get back 1100-1300 Euros. The limit of profit is the ceiling that is set from the betting sites.

Let's look at an example. Let's say we are watching a basketball game between Team A and Team B. One company provides an odd of 1.90 if Team A wins and another company provide an odd of 2.50 if the Team B wins.

We bet 100 Euros to the win of Team A and if we are right we will get back 190 Euros.

We also bet 76 Euros in a different company for Team B to win and if we are right we will get back 190 Euros.

The total bet is 100+76 = 176 Euros and because in basketball there are not ties, whichever from the two teams win we will get back 190 Euros, i.e. 14 Euros net profit! You might think that this is a small profit. But do not forget that we can found dozens of such matches so we can have a profit of 70 Euros overall per day.

Surely it takes a long time to watch the falls and spreads of the odds in every game, but in this case we can have a look at sites that are specialized on that.

I think it’s worth it!

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