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What is a sure bet?

Sure bet or otherwise safe bet resonates in the area of ​​betting in recent years although the term “sure bet” it sounds unrealistic. The sure bet is a bet where there is no risk and you win whatever the result. Basically ensures gain, and players increasingly are getting involved with this even by gaining a small profit.

In the stock market there is the corresponding term «arbitrage», except that to obtain profit shares are trading.

The bookmakers have almost always at least a 7-10% profit, depending on the rake they offer, whatever the final result for the event is. In many countries betting companies are legal and the intense rivalry between them can give great opportunities for players to earn even more from better odds.

The companies that offer online gambling to attract players have the highest odds, so if we can play in 2 or 3 different companies and all 3 points we can have a certain profit.

Let's look at an example in a match that may provide a sure bet.

In a football match we get these odds from 3 different companies: 2.40 - 3.80 - 4.50

We bet in the first company to a home victory with an odd up to 2.40 for 1000 euros. In the second company we bet 631 euros on the draw at odd 3.80. If the game is tied we get a return of 2398 euros.

On the third company we bet in the visitors on an odd of 4.50 for 533 euros. If our selection wins the return would be 2398 euros.

Overall we have bet 2164 euros and the less of our refund will be 2398 euro so the profit will be at least 234 euros.

The sure bet needs patience, perseverance and time to find the mistakes in odds being done by the companies and to be able to take advantage of it.

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