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With the boom that newspapers and internet had the recent years, a lot of jobs became available for betting and generally for online gambling for people who had to cover several columns. Lately technology even brought tips via mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can be updated at any time for the games you want to bet, with analysis, recommendations and more.

The options are endless and the competition high. Now there is no newspaper that does not have its own insert for betting. Journalists, and there are not the only, specialize in certain leagues. The same process occurs and on websites,

which seems to take the baton because of their immediacy, but also because it requires the least price, important during the recession. With one click you have it all in front of you. News, forms, traditions and many more are known to the reader, who is now updated and even knows what colors Queen of the South has in the jersey. What is left? Radio. Perhaps the most pleasant mean for the player, as there is more direct contact with the person who gives tips and can infer even the timbre of his voice.

The player can make a call and sets its own questions or send a text message. Now, so many people give tips and sometimes you do not know what to choose. One side may propose a home victory in a match and the other to oppose this possibility, seeing draw or visitors win. Of course over the years, the good tipster is rewarded with the –well done- job. The study of prognostic is probably the main preoccupation of the player and should be done in moderation. There are many aspects in this area and will be analyzed in more details in future articles.

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